I was teaching a seminar about overcoming negativity.  When I came to the question and answer part of the program a lady raised her hand.

She proceeded to tell me about the obstacles in her life that kept her miserable.  She was not only miserable but the people around her were miserable.

I gave her a detailed plan of how to overcome that.  She became almost belligerent and told me that she just did not have time for that.  So the next time that I ran into her I noticed that she was going through the same exact scenario in life.

It seemed she had become satisfied feeling miserable.  She’s not the only one.  I run into people like that all the time.

As someone who has been there in the dark pit of desperation, I know that you staying there is unacceptable.

I had come to a place where I became comfortable with it.  It was amazing how much better life was once I overcame the darkness.  Three things that I learned were that…

  1. You will never have time to change your life.  You have to make time to change your life.


We may all be of different genders, races, and cultural backgrounds. The one thing we all have in common is time.  We all have 24 hours.  Your life should be important enough to want to get the most out of it.


  1. It’s a process so be patient.

As the saying goes we are not offering microwave solutions here we are selling crockpots.  A great example is weight loss.  People will waste money on products that promise quick results.  Yet, great results only come from changing your eating and exercise habits over time.

If it takes two years to lose 40 pounds you are still 40 pounds lighter and on the road to great health.  You have to love yourself enough that you can be patient with yourself.  You will find that you took the right path.


  1. It will not be comfortable.

It takes action to change your life.  Action requires effort and coming out of your comfort zone.  A lot of people like to read or watch videos about how to change.  I was one of those.  Gaining the knowledge is only part of the battle.  The real game changer is putting that knowledge into action.  Don’t worry about failure because you will fail. But, failure will lead to your success.

So don’t stay in that miserable state. You are better than that!  No matter what anyone has said or done in your past to make you doubt that.  Let the past be the past and begin to construct a new you.  The you that you know you are capable of.

What change would you like to see the most in your life?  What has stopped you from obtaining it?  What one step can you take to begin it today?