I’ve been reading credible polls online about fears. These are the percentages of some of the fears of the American Public:
Agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces or leaving your home. .09% of the American public have this fear. That doesn’t sound like a big percentage but that’s 1.8 million people.
Glossophobia which is the fear of Public Speaking affects about 45%. That appears to be the second biggest fear next to the fear of death. Some people actually fear speaking in front of people more than they do death. Yet public speaking is necessary for many callings and careers.
One that surprised me was Xanthaphobia which affects 6.1 % of the global population. Xanthaphobia is the fear of the color yellow. These people are afraid of the sun, daffodils and Mt. Dew. If someone had not invented Uber they could never take a Taxi. The simple fact that the taxi is yellow would keep them from getting into it. Even though the yellow taxi could take them to earn money at a job or get food to eat. It could even take them to a great place to have fun. The fear of the color of the vehicle stops them from getting into it.
We all have vehicles that can take us to our dreams or callings. They might not be taxis or even automobiles but they are vehicles none the less. It may be networking events. Your vehicle may be picking up the phone to make booking or sales calls. Yet the irrational fear of that vehicle keeps you from stepping into it. That is every bit as disheartening as not getting into a taxi because it’s yellow.
We let so many irrational fears keep us from our dreams. We let them stop us from fulfilling our callings. Yet in all cases, they cannot do us any serious harm. What harms us more is not getting into the vehicle. That cripples our dreams and causes us to live with regrets.
So what’s stopping you? Why? It’s your dream so don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.