I remember as a child we would play what we called parachute. A group of kids would stand around a thick sheet. Someone would get in the middle. Then everyone would lift the sheet and toss the person up in the air a bit.

It was fun. Yet I remember it being a bit dangerous. We discovered if you were not careful that your knee would hit you in the mouth. Sometimes your landing would cause a couple of your friends to drop their end of the sheet. You would hit the ground. You were not thrown too high so it wasn’t deadly.

There was something exciting about finding yourself catapulted in the air. But it was also very scary knowing you were falling backwards. The sheet could break or someone could lose their grip. It was possible that the ground would knock the breath out of you.

I remember watching a friend tossed in the air one day. I thought wouldn’t it be great to stay in the air. “What if” you could somehow learn to fly. Everyone would expect you to come back down. Yet once in the air, you would go higher and higher.

That would be the greatest feeling. Looking up at the sky. Focusing on all the beauty. You would also have an incredible view below. Seeing all the cool places that you couldn’t see being on the ground. Then you could choose where you wanted to go.

The economy and employment landscape are rapidly changing. Layoffs are rampant. New obstacles such as Applicant Tracking Systems and agism discourage job seekers. It’s getting tough to get face to face meetings. You find yourself feeling like you’ve been thrown in the air.

You want to remain positive. Yet you can’t seem to help thinking what it’s going to feel like falling back to the ground. How will you do the impossible and learn to fly? How will you learn to fly in the desired timeline? Thinking about it creates such a mental block. You feel lost and find yourself falling backwards. The ground is hard and painful but at least it’s safe.

Instead of thinking “how” Think “What if”…

“What if” I learn to fly?

“What if” I could do something I’m great at and enjoy?

“What if” I could create the income I needed?

“What if” I developed the new skills I needed?

How would that feel? Picture yourself enjoying the benefits of that new way of life. Concentrate on those good emotions. Something magical happens when you ask the positive “What if” questions to yourself. It erases the mental blocks you have.

You can always find the How. We have great search engines, online videos, coaches and mentors. Yet you can’t even get the right direction until you ask “What if”. “What if” is your key to learning to fly.

Once you are flying then you can ask the important question. What great destination will this new ability to fly take me?