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Ego Linguistics

Ego Linguistics is a clothing company enriched and influenced by the creativity of the arts in North Carolina.  Bringing elegance and presence to the nonsense of here today, gone tomorrow, status quo.  We are here to celebrate the essence of individuality through diverse style and depth.  We want to show the world the art of [...]

Tera Wooten

Tera Wooten is a graphic designer and photographer located in Charlotte, NC. When Cross Hudson was building this site he wanted her work to speak for itself. It is a very simple clean design to show what Tera is capable of.


Medsyn® Mind.Body.Soul. also offers classes and workshops designed to enhance mind-body-spirit, balance, coordination, relaxation, and positive energy. Chuck is dedicated to helping individuals improve their lifestyle with healthy physical and spiritual gains through profound enlightenment. In accordance with the Chinese proverb, “Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself”. This nonprofit [...]