Terry Hudson

Owner of Hudson Media Concepts

Terry Hudson has worked in the entertainment industry for over 18 years.  In that time, he has served as a radio promoter, artist manager, producer, consultant as well as TV and movie production crew.  He is also the author and lecturer of the seminar “7 Steps To Music Industry Success.”  Students from those seminars have gone on to become gold and platinum artists, screen actors, and award winners.  His clients have appeared on national television and radio programs as well as received sponsorships from well known corporations.

His work has been the subject of articles in music magazines and newspapers.  Television viewers were also able to follow his work on two episodes of “A Makeover Story” for the TLC network.  In addition, Terry has appeared on various television and radio programs.

“I describe my consulting work as two fold,” says Terry.  “On one side, I help people identify their calling and provide the tools to develop it.  On the other side, I promote people’s talent and bring it into the view of the industry and fans.  My motto for two fold approach is ‘Bringing Talent To The Surface.'”