I remember sitting at my desk in the booking department for a television studio.  I was having an interesting conversation with a gentleman from Australia.  One of his songs had caught the eye of a popular recording artist who made it a hit around the world.  It opened many opportunities for him to travel around the world and sing himself as well.

I was asking him questions to prepare notes for the TV host who would interview him.  We began to discuss how certain opportunities arise.  He started talking to me about how opportunities come to everyone.  We agreed that many people waste these opportunities.   Before long they find themselves in bad positions.

He told me about a young man that he had met whose life was in complete disarray.  He had lost his wife and child as well as his job due to drugs and other demons.  So this songwriter told him “You need to walk out that door and make a good decision.  Then you need to follow that up with another good decision and then another.  It’s not going to be immediate but soon you will see that your whole life has changed for the better”.

It’s not too late to turn your life around but you have to make better decisions.  Success is not an overnight happening but neither is failure.  They are both the results of many days of good or bad decisions.

Failure is such pain that we think on it the most.  Chances that we could have taken but we sat idle.  Perhaps it was spending money excessively when we should have saved.  It could have been eating the wrong foods and putting off exercise.  Before long we have the results we have.

Making the right decisions now will be what determines the place you find yourself in a year from now.  Perhaps even 5 or 10 years from now. Yet, most of the time we don’t care about that until we are reaping some bad benefits.

The past is the past but what are you going to do now to make your future better?  How do you want the next 1 – 5 years of your life go?  Write it down.  Now let’s list what decisions you need to make.  For example.

What skills can you learn that will improve your quality of life?

How can you develop a better income?

What things can you do to expand your circle of great friends?

What steps can you take to get into better physical and emotional shape?

Once you know your answers then make the best decisions to go forward.  Then you need to take action based on those correct decisions.

Don’t get hurried because you can’t do anything with your back against the wall.  But, make the necessary changes over time.  Gradually you will see the positive results compound.  Before you know it your life will turn around.