You are a great band.  Your instrumentation is on point. Your lead vocalist is unique and has great delivery.  Image wise everyone in the band looks the part.  You dream of the day when the record executive pulls up to your concert and offers you that contract.

Artists that are getting attention are the ones that attract labels, agencies, and sponsors.  Those who’ve spent time and effort building a fan base are the winners.

Music promotion has always been about getting attention. It’s going to always be about getting attention.  The instruments to do that have changed over the years from radio, to TV to the Internet and social media.  Yet, the concept is still the same and that is that you are competing for attention.

Today’s bands exist in a world unlike any before.  All the tools are there to get the attention that you need to grow your career.  The problem is that the vast majority are just not utilizing it.

I see the majority of aspiring band’s pages just lack effective content.  They have posted what they believe is right which are their appearance dates and their music.  The problem with that is that the audience does not get to know anything interesting about the band.  They just see posts about your songs and where they can come see you.  It’s like you are saying to you are audience…”Look at me, look at me…yeah…I’ve got nothing”.

Record companies hire radio promotion reps to get songs played in regular rotation.  That’s because an audience member rarely hears a song once and loves it.  They push the songs to the audience until they like them.  The reason for this is because so many artists out there are competing for attention.  You have to grab the person’s attention to get them to listen to the song.

So just putting your songs on social media is not enough. Then giving them a list of dates that they can come see you play a song they don’t know is also not enough.  The audience needs to see some other content about the band such as.

  • Who are the individuals in the band and what makes them interesting
  • Interesting pictures of some of the places you travel
  • Iconic looking pics of rehearsals or the band hanging out
  • Quality videos
  • Engaging your fans about similar likes
  • Contest incentives to follow the band

These are just a few quick suggestions.  Yet if you are going to say to your audience “Look at me” then give them something to look at.  Something that will draw them in. That’s the first step in making them fans.

What are five ideas that you can list for interesting content? Do you also engage your social media audience?