For many months I woke up every morning and would stare in the mirror with my shirt off.  I was 247 pounds and I wanted to lose this weight…fast.  I looked at all these “Lose your belly fat in a few short weeks” programs.  I did many crunches.  You know what happened? Nothing.  Well, nothing at first.

It took time.  After much study, I learned that in a male, for instance, the weight loss process goes like this.  After a while of proper diet and exercise, you being to lose weight.  At first, it’s in your face and then your neck.  Next, you lose it in your chest, your back and your legs.  Then finally it starts to burn off the middle.

So it took me about 2 years to lose 52 pounds.  So staring at myself in the mirror every day and looking at the scales made me impatient.  Being impatient had me frustrated.  I didn’t let that impatience cause me to give up.

It’s possible I could have lost it sooner.   Yet there were two things that lengthened the process.  The first was just that I had to get over my self-negative talk.  The second was educating myself on the process.  Studying to show myself approved.

We all want to reach our goals and we want it to happen now.  We want to start off exercising in late April and be ready for beach clothing by June.  Many commercials feed on our impatience.  Miracle cures for weight loss and quick financial independence.

I can’t tell you how many artist managers call me about unrealistic clients.  Their clients make statements like “I can’t wait two years for you to make me a star”.  Well if the artists looked up the full bios of the artists they admire they would see a common thread.  Stories like…”They moved to Nashville in 2003 and caught the attention of XYZ label in 2011”.  It’s a process.  You have to develop and make contacts.  Then you also have to build an audience and raise funds. n reality, that’s just a good start.

I actually know about an artist who recorded their project about 4 years ago.  Yet because of the process, the project was just released recently.  Now the artist is riding high.  Good thing they didn’t give up.

But the impatience affects all who have dream callings or careers.  That’s why so many give up.  I have known many talented performers who were going to take over the world.  Fast forward to today and they are all in careers that were not their dream occupation.

They could have taken those jobs and still pursued their dreams.  Instead, they gave up completely on “making it”.  So impatience took their energy and their dreams.

Impatience causes us to:

  • Waste time looking for shortcuts
  • Become dissatisfied with our dreams and talents
  • Give up on great opportunities before they come to fruition
  • Hurt our relationships with friends and family
  • Have our energy drained
  • Develop negative thought patterns damaging our mental health
  • Have raised stress levels damaging our physical health

I tell my clients the following phrase…”Impatience Creates Mental Patients”.  That’s one of the truest phrases that I’ve come up with.  You will drive yourself to a bad mental state if you do not learn patience.

So instead of being impatient try something new.  Be a little more forgiving to yourself and those around you.  Realize that while the process needs to be efficient it also takes time.  Don’t lose your dream because impatience caused you to give up on them.  As the cliched saying goes…”we’re selling crockpots, not microwaves”.

What timeline have you set for your dream goal?  Have you mapped out the path on paper to see it that timeline is realistic?