In “Don’t Concentrate On The Haters’ I reminded you to concentrate on those that love you. Let their presence be what you crave. I believe that also includes our creator who loves us more than any. So He is most deserving of our time.
This brings up another thought. What would He have us do to the “haters”?  How would He want us to react to those who are toxic to our being? It seems simple. Be kind. Show love. Yet it also sounds like pure lunacy. It’s not natural. How can you be kind to people who:
  • Spread false rumors about you behind your back
  • Tear down every attempt you make to succeed until you are afraid to try
  • Yell accusations in your face
  • Try to sabotage any good that you do
  • Troll your social media posts and get immense joy from publicly blasting you or your ideas
Yet being kind seems to be His instruction to us in the “Holy Bible”. As a Christian, that’s my life application guide. So we who claim to read and believe this word must follow it. Right? But the mere reading of this scripture can make us uncomfortable.
“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;” – Matthew 5:44
Maybe it’s because our human vision sometimes is so short term. I can’t speak if that is the situation for you but I know it’s true in my case. We may find our peace shaken in the short term. In the short term, our “haters” are staring us in the eye and smiling big because they know they are getting to us.
We know we do not make them our main focus. We’ve already seen that our main focus should go to the ones that cherish us. You can’t have toxic people constantly in your space. But, while it may not be constant they will find their way in occasionally. When that happens we are not supposed to return the same venom they spew. We are not supposed to match tones with them. Instead, we are to be an example of light to them. Yeah, I’m struggling alongside you on this one. Yet God sees long-term and He knows best. That’s why He said revenge was His…even if we know we’d be pretty good at that as well.
Maybe in looking long term, God is trying to teach you about true peace. The peace that comes from within and is not determined by exterior circumstances. When we grasp that He’s got our back then we trust his power and love. We know that no matter what our enemies do or say that He will work it out in our favor. He also may be showing how we can build a peaceful environment around us. There is a great example of this in Jeremiah that I’ll cover in a future post.
It’s also possible in the long term that God will bring that “hater” to a point of change. That “moment of realization” that we see in the Shakespeare plays could happen to them. They could find that they are trapped in the hopelessly isolated box that they’ve built themselves into. They may come to the point of desperation because of the toxic environment that they’ve spread. Their only hope and way out may be the kindness and love that they remember from you.
God’s ways are higher but they are not easy and painless. I still choose to follow His lead…even if I struggle and stumble in the process. Because I know that his path has always been the one to peaceful green pastures and still waters.  He will lead us there if we listen.