One of the verses that I learned in Sunday School that stayed with me was Psalm 119:105. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (KJV)

As a speaker, coach and mentor I use the Bible in many of my talks.  I have found so much guidance in the scriptures. Guidance that pulled me out of some dark times.  Guidance that’s made me a stronger person. I also spend deliberate time in prayer so that these scriptures come alive to me.

It hasn’t always been this way.  At one time I felt I had things so together that I didn’t need guidance.  I started trying to figure things out on my own. I had all the answers. I was in control.  That mindset led me down a deep path of anxiety. I could no longer see where to go. Too many obstacles to stumble on in the dark.

I remembered that scripture.  I started reading a quick daily devotional and it didn’t seem to help.  I prayed and no answers seemed to come. I remained paralyzed in my path.  I was bitter and angry. Where was this bright “Godly” light to illuminate my path?  If it existed then why was I standing in pitch black not able to see my hand in front of my face?

Sometimes the answer is clear and our path is lit with a 500 watt light bulb. We are confident, encouraged and we journey forward. All is great in our world.  Yet, many times the answers are not that clear. We find ourselves standing on the path in complete darkness. It is so dark that we can’t go forward. Even worse, we can’t even see to retreat backward.

For me to find this answer or this light I was going to have to grope in the darkness a bit. This meant that I couldn’t just read scripture but that I was going to have to actually study it. It took more than just mumbling the same old prayers. I was going to have to seek God in prayer and then be obedient to his leading. I was going to have to get away from the distractions and tune in to what he was telling me.

It was in that time that I learned that sometimes God does no light our path with a 500 watt light bulb. I found that sometimes it feels like this dark path is only being lit with a laser pointer. When that happens I tune out all distractions and follow that little red dot.

Does your path seem confusing? Do you wonder if you are on the wrong path altogether? What distractions could you tune out to see the Red Dot?