Years ago when I worked at a concert promotion company. We worked with an artist who had a strong fanbase. His concerts would sell out. He would win the most awards at the televised awards shows. After the concerts, he would sign hundreds of autographs for enthusiastic fans. When we would eat at restaurants people would flock to the table to meet him.
One night while at a concert a naysayer came up to him as he was on the way back to sign autographs. The person was very critical of his style of music and his performance. I saw this hero to hundreds of thousands of people show great hurt on his face. Someone who would never be a fan of his music or even his genre had been able to hurt him.
My friend Tom Jackson is a performance coach. He teaches the proper techniques for performing concerts. He has instructed some of the biggest marquee names in their respective genres. One day Tom and I were teaching seminars at a music industry conference in Orlando Florida. I heard him say that 3% of a band’s audience will not like their concert. He told them that they could ask what those people did not like and try not to do those things. He then said that if they did so that those people would still find something to complain about. Such a true statement.
There are people in this world who live to be detractors. Social media is full of them. Like you, there was a time in my life that I would think about the things they said to me. I would dwell on it many times during the day. It brought great pain and anxiety. It made me second guess all that I was doing. I let their comments keep me from success. Most of us have faced things that happened on the job or at work and brought it home. While the people who frustrated us went home and never gave us a second thought. Yet we…
Took our frustrations out on our family members. Even though they had nothing to do with the negative things that happened in our day. We missed great moments with our friends, spouses or children. Instead, we were dwelling on thoughts of those at work that said or did something to frustrate us. Don’t concentrate on the detractors or “haters”. Focus on those who have your best interests at heart. The people who love you crave your attention.
They go out of their way to support you. They are fans. If they have something critical to say it’s because they want to see you win. They want to see the improvement that they think would help you succeed further. They spend time supporting you while you concentrate your energy on the ones who don’t. How do you think that makes them feel. Put your energy towards letting them know your appreciation.
Don’t concentrate on the haters. Concentrate on the ones who show you love. The haters will always come and go. They are toxic so let them go. You want those that love you to stick around. Don’t take them for granted.
What 3 things could you do today to show those loyal to you how much you appreciate them?