It’s that time of year again. Football playoffs and championships. The road to the big game. College football has crowned its champion. Now it’s time for the pros to do the same.

Both of my teams are out. It was great to see what they did during the season and into the early playoff games. I would have loved for them to have made it further. Yet sadly for me did not.

I said the same thing to myself as we all seem to do in this case. There is always next year. Time to rebuild. But it’s several months away making it hard to be patient.

Then I thought about the pro teams and college teams. Once again they will be scouting new players and losing long time players. There rebuilding could take a couple of years. They could go for quite some time with no success. Going through one agonizing defeat after another. They will be facing a rebuilding season.

They have to find the right players. The right components. They have to put them in the right places and weld everyone together as a unit. We all realize it will not happen overnight. Such a great lesson in patience.

I have spoken to so many people who are going through times. There was a time not too long ago where everything was running smooth. Then things happened such as:

Industry landscapes changing

The job hunt being too challenging

Skills becoming obsolete

So many have found themselves in a rebuilding season. It’s not going to be easy. It may not be brief. That’s why it’s called a rebuilding season and not a rebuilding weekend. So face it and grow in that challenge.

This could be your greatest opportunity to build towards your dreams season. But dream seasons don’t come before rebuilding seasons. Yes, rebuilding seasons are tough. Still, they are a better option than continuous losing seasons.

Lack of growth causes losing seasons to become unending. Lessons are not learned. Better components are not sought out. In order for it to be a rebuilding season you truly have to rebuild. So some things that you need to do are:

Learn new skills

Be diligent in your hunt for new opportunities

Get focused

Develop a strategy

And most of all be patient with yourself, circumstances and your creator in all this.

How discouraged do you feel during this time? Is it reasonable to feel this way? What would a winning season make you feel like? What new skills would help turn things around?