Someone was talking to me the other day about a guy I know of named Jeff.  Jeff (I’ve changed his name to protect the guilty) refuses to help around the house.  He is young and in great health so his family does not understand why he can’t help. He didn’t have or even want a job.   So why could he not at least do some chores around the house?

The reason was simple.  He was way too busy playing Pokemon Go. He needed to focus on his job of being a Pokemon Go Gym Leader.  If you are familiar with the game then you know what this means.  It’s a stay on your toes time-consuming activity.

Now I’m not one of those people who are out to slam Pokemon Go players.  I don’t take part in the game.  But I have friends who are high functioning business people who do.  So the problem is not the game.  It’s the individual.

Most people in life have great dreams.  Some are just not willing to put in the work.  They would rather just be busy playing at their dreams. That way you have the pleasure of feeling like you are getting something accomplished.  The pain of failure is off in the distance so you don’t have to worry about that just yet.  Well, the bad news is that the pain you are putting off is inevitable.  It is definitely headed your way.

As I was listening to the story of Jeff I thought this is a great parable of for anyone seeking to chase their dreams.  Especially the singers and bands I have seen trying to build careers.

They love to rehearse their music.  They love to post their gigs on social media.  They love to play in front of a live audience.  They love dreaming of having a big record deal one day.

What they don’t like to do is:

  • Rehearse the staging of their show
  • Create non-music content for their social media
  • Take free online courses about social media or inbound marketing
  • Study and understand how the music industry works with sales and finance
  • Research what it will take to enhance their image
  • Read books or watch videos to develop their songwriting
  • Work hard and raise funds for proper recordings and branding materials
  • Work hard to build a framework that attracts the proper label or distributor

These items all require us to come out of our comfort zones.  Yet, to build a music career in today’s marketplace you are going to need to do these things.  In fact, you will need to spend as much time on that as you do your music.
So are you seeking to build your dream or are you just chasing Pokemon?