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Are You Really Too Busy?

Whenever I ask someone what’s happening with them they seem to have very similar answers. They reply with phrases like “I’m slammed” or “busier than I’ve ever been”. People can even be very competitive with these phrases. They want to prove that not only are they busy but no one else is as busy as they are. The truth is [...]

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What Fear Is Stopping You?

I've been reading credible polls online about fears. These are the percentages of some of the fears of the American Public: Agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces or leaving your home. .09% of the American public have this fear. That doesn’t sound like a big percentage but that’s 1.8 million people. Glossophobia which is the fear of Public Speaking [...]

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Ring Time. Looking For Practice Opportunities.

I was sitting in the locker room for a professional wrestling show. One of the rookies was complaining. Actually, he seemed to always be complaining. “Why am I not in more main events”? “Why do I have to wrestle in tag teams instead of more singles matches”?. It was pretty tiresome to listen to. I remember one night we were [...]

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Thrown In The Air! What If You Could Learn To Fly?

I remember as a child we would play what we called parachute. A group of kids would stand around a thick sheet. Someone would get in the middle. Then everyone would lift the sheet and toss the person up in the air a bit. It was fun. Yet I remember it being a bit dangerous. We discovered if you were [...]

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Cheer Up It’s Your Rebuilding Season

It’s that time of year again. Football playoffs and championships. The road to the big game. College football has crowned its champion. Now it’s time for the pros to do the same. Both of my teams are out. It was great to see what they did during the season and into the early playoff games. I would have loved for [...]

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Why You Should Hire Me As Your Live Performance Coach

The venue is sold out. The audience is sitting in anticipation of what’s about to take place. Very soon they will witness an incredible performance. It will help them take their mind off of the stresses of the past few days. Then all of a sudden the house lights go dim. The stage lights flash on and the spotlight is [...]

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Knock, Knock! Who’s There? (Doors Of Opportunity Don’t Just Open)

When I was a teenager my brother got us an opportunity selling GRIT newspapers door to door. Brian was a natural and he would walk up with no fear and knock. Not everyone opened the door but some people did.   I watched him and decided I would try. I walked up to the first door. Yet, as soon as I [...]

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Just Jeet Kune Do It

Bruce Lee knew how to maximize his time. He had to know. He had so many roles in life including actor entrepreneur and husband. He realized what was effective and what was a waste of time. This mindset was evident when he created a new style of martial arts. It's known as Jeet Kune Do. The concept behind it was to cut [...]

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Commit And Go!

“Wow...that looks like a long way down”.  That’s what I said to myself as I found myself standing on the roof of a concession stand in an indie pro wrestling venue.  It was a packed house and the audience was on their feet and cheering pretty loudly.  They wanted to see me jump off of the roof onto my opponent [...]

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He Spoke Not A Word (How Silence Is The Best Defense)

One of my favorite stories in the Holy Bible is in Mark 15:3-5. Jesus is standing before Pilate who was the fifth prefect of the Roman province of Judea. As the governing authority, he had the power to free someone or have them crucified. As Jesus stands before Pilate the chief priests are making accusations against him. Pilate waits for [...]

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