Over the past few years, it seems we’ve been able to witness an interesting change.  People have become overly sensitive. We get offended at the slightest things. We want others to meet us on our level.  We want them to deal with us according to our make up.

I’m not judging well at least not for judgment’s sake.  I’ve been there so many times. I get it. Yet it stops our success.  When we get offended so easy it gives others so much power over us and our emotions.  It gives them the power to veto our progress.

In your pursuit to reach your dreams and fulfill your calling, you will encounter haters.  I’m always amazed at how many people out there live to discourage others. Yet you can’t give them the power to discourage you.  It’s an opinion. It should never override the opinions of your creator and yourself.

Another issue is that sometimes you will be wrong.  You will be proceeding based on your own emotions. You will react based on your own perceptions.  You will be proceeding based only on the knowledge and facts that you currently have. You will find often that you may have been looking at it wrong.

We need to grow a thicker skin.  It doesn’t happen at all at once.  You have to work on it. You have to shed your thin skin.  You have to realize that the act of offense is an event. But, being offended is your reaction.  It’s based on your ability to respond. Your response ability takes effort and self-training.

There are great things to do.  Sitting around offended only halts your own progress.  Why let such a shallow emotion stop you from being where you want to be in your life.  So be more alligator and less salamander.

What great things do you see for yourself?  How have offended feelings halted you? What changes can you make?