Whenever I ask someone what’s happening with them they seem to have very similar answers. They reply with phrases like “I’m slammed” or “busier than I’ve ever been”. People can even be very competitive with these phrases. They want to prove that not only are they busy but no one else is as busy as they are.
The truth is that they are busy. We are all very busy. Technology combined with our jobs and families has made us all busy. Yet, what are we busy with. Are we being productive or have we joined the rat race.
We may have different skills or backgrounds. We may be different places in our lives. But, one thing we all have in common is time. We all have the same 24 hours. What are we focusing on at that time? What are we accomplishing?
It’s easy to be busy but challenging to be efficient and effective. To reach your true potential, you have to have strategies for being effective. In order not to be another “busy rat in the race” you have focus. Here are some tips:
– When you wake up in the morning focus on your strengths and get those done when you have the most energy.
– Save emails and social media until after your agenda accomplished. Once you get involved in emails and social media something unexpected happens. You start becoming involved in other peoples agendas. Your agenda then seems to get lost.
– Use your phone, computer or notepad to set and keep a list of goals that must get done. Not a busy to do list. Only put items on the list that are imperative.
– Learn to say no to not only the bad but also the good. Don’t get distracted by things or opportunities that don’t fit your agenda.
Be clear on “why” you want to live your dream. Let that drive you every day. Nobody will believe in your dream or calling as you do. You have control of your focus. There are many distractions out there. It’s your choice whether they take away your focus.
You are capable of accomplishing some great things. So use your time wisely. Remember the world needs you to dream.