I’m not calling you out to be a jerk. I love you and want to see you succeed. That is what my calling is…to see you know how to reach your calling. I crave to see you reach your dream.

Yet if your social media posts are all about who is against you and how unfair you have it…then that is a symptom. It’s a symptom of being a victim.

It’s true. Many people are cruel. The world is unfair. You are in a fight and will take punches. We all do. I hate it also. It’s painful.

However, your only two choices are to step up and fight through it or give up and blame. The second choice is what has made you a victim. The world is not fooled. It’s like you are running an ad saying “I’m a victim”.

The answer is not just to post about how you are going to comeback or how you are going to overcome. Take responsibility, do the work and comeback. Dreamers just talk with no action. #dreamchasers take action.

My prayers for you daily. Let’s do this! Be the hero in your own story.